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Jampur is a small city located in the district of Rajanpur, south of Dera Ghazi Khan, in the centre of Pakistan. It comprises an area of about 5 square kilometers and has a population of ( 15'00'00 )


Jampur is not a historic city, yet the archeologists believe that it is very old. For this they present the old "Dalo Ra-oy ka theer" from which antiques for more than 2000 years old were found. When the great Alexander, the Greek, had a decision to conquer the whole world, came here, he was greatly impressed and inspired by the beauty of Queen Rukhsana, then according to the legend, he married her. A well-known beauty soap by the multi-national company "Unilever" is named after her.

When the Halooko khan & Chengez khan arrived here to conquer here, then Bhuds & then families like Awan & Arain , were settled here for its land was famous for its fertility. Centuries ago, Jampur was known as "Jadampur", but when the population increased it became known as Jampur.

Nowadays Jampur is progressing by leaps & bounds but because it is a small city, the Government of Punjab is badly needed to pay more attention to this city.

Educational institutions.

Jampur is rather sparingly populated and has little industry, though the land is very fertile. There is a Tehsil headquarter hospital and basic governmental and educational institutions. One of its most famous educational institutions is the Govt. Boys High School, which was founded in 1935, as a consequence of the introduction of the British Government system in 1857. Govt. High School is one of the reforms brought on by the British Government.

Nowadays there are a lot of different schools and people aiming to educate the people, such as Hira High School and its Principal Nazir Ahmad Quraishi. A well known personality in Jampur, known for his eloquence.

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